First post.

Hmm… where to start?

So, I may or may not have been putting this off for a while. At the urging of several friends (special shout out to Melyssa ;] ) to start one up – here it is! I know what you’re thinking – procrastination. I may have a tiny problem with it, but looky here!  My first entry!  ‘Tis a big step, my dear friends!

Now, first, let me make this clear from the start – I am not always the best at writing in super grammar school/collegiate essay mode. If you choose to read my blog – which really, I totally get if you’d much rather douse yourself in gasoline and light yourself on fire – you might notice that I tend to use a ton of dashes, dotdotdots (Anyone have the desire to sing “Honey, Honey” from Mamma Mia? …Anyone?), incomplete sentences, and probably a ton of misused LOL’s. If you don’t like it, well, you can just suuu… embrace it ;] Not like it’ll be a problem with my three devoted readers, but hey, that fourth person just might come out and join the party someday.  And if they happen to take offense to this lack of grammar finesse? I can just lovingly send them to this glorious first entry.  Seriously. Don’t mess with me, bro. Rude.

Secondly, some of you might be thinking “WTF is Carmelicioso?” No, I am not completely self-absorbed, but this blog is about me, yes? Lol. Honestly, “Carmelicious” was already taken. How many freakin’ Carmels do you know? What’s even crazier, is that the site’s title is “A Marketing Chick Diary” and has nothing else but a template post. I’m a chick. I’m into marketing/PR. And now, I’m writing. Crazy coincidence, if you ask me. Of course, I digress… back to the name.  I’ve noticed that a lot of kiddos my age are at a loss when it comes to the kitchen. Darlings, you don’t have to be eating Easy Mac or Ramen everyday! By no means am I an accomplished Le Cordon Bleu culinary pro, but I do whip up some super easy dishes (muy delicioso! if I do say so myself) that are great for anyone pressed for time or just starting to venture past the microwave.

That cooking bit was a huge reason I thought I’d start writing, but there’ll definitely be posts about other things that makes my life oh so delicioso! Ehh? Get it?! Carmel + my oh so delicioso life/dishes = Carmelicioso! Cheesy? Maybe. Deal with it. You’ll be on your knees, begging for more before you know it.

I must warn you – my thought process whirls round and round, a million miles a minute. So if it ever seems like I’m jumping back and forth between one thing and the next… I probably need some Ritalin (or a drink) to slow things down. (For those of you snickering at that drink bit… shush. What the other readers don’t know (Hi, Mom!) won’t hurt them.)

So there you have it, a taste of what is to come – Carmelicioso.

It’s okay if you want to run. Run far, far away…


2 thoughts on “Hola!

  1. HAHAHAHA…I was seriously grinning the whole way through this! I love the way you write, it’s so funny! Screw the grammar Nazis…screw them!!! LOL

    Anyways, thanks for the special shout out (w00t), and I’m looking forward to reading your stuff. I seriously need some help in the kitchen, the most chef-y it gets is stir-fry out of a frozen food bag! So yes, help is needed ;)

    I love how I didn’t know how to spell Ritalin, now I shall never forget! FAIL XP

    Anyways, I hope you have fun writing this…because I will certainly enjoy reading it!

    And you GOT to tell me where you found this cute layout thingy! I love it, and I want something more original for mine ;)

    Can’t wait for the next entry! :D


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