In the Kitchen

Oops! – A Tale of Torched Toast

Tonight’s lesson: No matter how many times you’ve made or done something perfectly before… you’re probably going to screw up at some point.

What exactly was I trying to make? Just a little bruschetta to go along side some grilled chicken & penne pasta for dinner tonight. Lucky for me, my family doesn’t mind a little extra bite in taste from the burn… So we were able to salvage most slices by scraping off the burnt layer ;]

How did I manage to brutally burn my bread? ‘Tis simple: I had too much going on at once. (Story of my life.) I tend to not always plan ahead and prep before I begin wreaking havoc in the kitchen. (I’m sure my mother is sobbing on the inside when I bring out every dish and pan from the cupboards… whoops.)

So, I had some chicken grilling, pasta boiling, and a light cream sauce bubbling all at once. “Why, yes,” I thought to myself, “throwing in some bread slices to toast up in the oven right now is a brilliant idea!” Little did I know I was bound to forget about the poor little pieces of bread. Did I mention the dog was barking, Mom talking, phones ringing, and dancers dancing (SYTYCD was on) all in the background as well?! So forgive me if I’ve offended you by burning some bread. You’ll live. I lived. The bread lived (barely)… until it was inhaled delightfully consumed at dinner, of course.

And thus begins a feature – Oops! –  on whenever I mess up. No one’s perfect. (If you are… well, aren’t you special?!) Anyhow, currently working on several posts to put up soon – how we saved the bread to make bruschetta, the pasta I made tonight, and my new love: coffee.

Stay tuned. In the meantime? Don’t torch your toast.


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