‘Stressed’ is ‘Desserts’ Spelled Backwards.

It’s been a very long time since I have posted anything here. Senior year started with a quick fury and has yet to slow down! We’re in the middle of midterm exam season, so it’s just hectic. 

Clever title, non? It fits in so well with this hellish week that’s starting in a few hours. Thank heavens that Fall Break will be here soon! Sweet treats (God bless Mabee Hall for its soft serve machine) and caffeine will definitely be necessary to get through everything this week!


I have a long list of projects that are just waiting to be posted. Maybe a post or two will be my study break this week!

Inspiration for the title/to write again came from the glorious site, Pinterest. (You can bet I’ll be writing about my new love affair with this site at some point.) Check it out! ;]

Good luck to everyone fighting through exam/paper/project season! Just be sure to give yourself a break every now and then. It’ll all get done :]


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