Food for Thought: A Slice of Humble Pie

Sorry it’s been awhile, friends. Lots of changes happened so fast recently, I needed to get that all sorted out before I posted something again.

Today, we’re going to shake things up a bit and not so much focus on actual, physical food. Here’s just a glimpse of what I have observed these last few months of my life.

I graduated from Trinity University this past May. There’s a sense of pride that I think we all have as soon-to-be graduates from any university. At Trinity, we held ourselves with pride knowing we were getting an education and experience that others can only ever dream of having. With that pride and love sometimes comes the expectation that finding a job after graduation will be a breeze — Wrong.

My family was traveling to the Philippines to visit relatives the week after graduation. With that in mind, I figured I wouldn’t really commit to the job hunt until the end of April, and if nothing turned up before we left, I would pursue leads when we returned to Texas in mid-June. As I expected, nothing great seemed to turn up the weeks leading up to graduation.

Determined to truly enjoy my vacation and time with family I hadn’t seen in years, I tried not to worry about the job hunt until we came back. So June rolls around and I’m back in Texas. Now what? I threw my resume around like candy on Halloween. Out of the dozens of positions I applied for, only one bit the bait — at the end of July. (Oh yeah, I was driving myself crazy back in my parents’ home for nearly two months at this point.)

I made the trip to San Antonio to interview and meet with members of this particular firm. I loved their work and respected their mission to build projects that were environmentally responsible and sustainable. They’re a dynamic team doing great things. My conversation and correspondence with the members of their marketing department were fun and engaging. We were really hitting it off! Lo and behold, I got the notification I made the top two candidates — I was over the moon. The second round went smoothly and so the waiting game began…

Two, almost three, weeks went by — I was a nervous wreck. Finally, I heard from the director and we had a long, great chat, but the position wasn’t for me this time. He assured me that I was a stellar candidate, they loved me, and knew I would’ve been great, but they could only hire one. Man, talk about a big disappointment. I was a hot mess for the rest of the day. I was so upset; I really thought this was going to be my break!

Despite this disappointing setback, I had to get back on track and focus on the task at hand. As my mother’s friends put it – “Your job is to find a job.” So there I went again making it rain with my resumes going left and right.

Nothing at first… then all of a sudden two promising opportunities showed up in my inbox. Whoa. After weeks of tears, confusion, and frustration – right when I was about to give up because that first door had closed, He quickly blew two more wide open for me.

This new path I’m on is not what I had originally envisioned for myself after graduation, but you know what? It’s exactly what I need. I’m interning with a wonderful, creative advertising agency in San Antonio and soon will be starting a position at a small private school that I adore. Not to mention, I’m back in the same city as my best friends (one’s reaction: and sister who’s happily getting through her second year at TU.

The whole experience of the last few months leading up to today has been such a humbling experience. My pride was so wounded after that first rejection, but the sweet Lord had a much more suitable deal in mind for me. He truly knows what’s best for you and one must simply have complete faith in His plan.

To me this was a testament to exactly how powerful prayer, patience, and perseverance will yield. Those three P’s are powerful tools — I’d know. Looking back, I could have been stuck with a less-exciting, practically bland piece of pie.

This slice of humble pie I just got? Well, I tell you, it tastes pretty darn sweet to me.


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