It’s Been Five Years

It’s been five years since God called you up to heaven.

Five years is a long time and yet, the pain stings just as bad as it did that day we had to let you go. The image of your parents and darling brother that day – that moment – is one I’ll never forget.

It’s been five years, and I still don’t know what to say.

I only wish we got to spend more time together.

More time for us to squeal and giggle at the latest boy bands and fashion trends.

More time to relish in our silly teenage dreams.

More time to frolic and karaoke to our hearts’ content.

More time… if only, just a little more.

You were truly one of a kind. You were an adorable pocket of sunshine no matter the dreary circumstance. You were brave, fierce. And sweet girl, you carried yourself with such strength and grace.

So yes, I remember that awful day five years ago. But what’s one bad day compared to the fifteen fabulous years you blessed us with?

You touched so many lives with your beautiful smile and creative spirit.


Photo of beautiful Zoe with my parents and sister (2008)

I’ve heard that God calls some of His angels back sooner than us earthlings would like, but He needs the very best…

And you, my dear, are exactly that.

Cancer. No one likes the “c” word. Our cousin Zoe battled acute myeloid leukemia, but found strength through her family, faith in God and through art.

The Children’s Art Project at MD Anderson Cancer Center is a wonderful initiative that provided Zoe with an outlet to express and release herself in pure creativity.

To learn more about The Children’s Art Project and to view Zoe’s work, click here.


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